The Best Ready to Use Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) for IPTV Customization

EPG Ready makes IPTV viewing simple! With our electronic programming guides (EPGs), you can personalize your channel list to receive the content you want only – say goodbye to cluttered, frustrating lists! EPG Ready also constantly updates so that you’re never left with an empty program guide.

You’ll receive 7 days of organized info on upcoming programs, including descriptions and playing times.

It’s ready to use for any IPTV panel or app that uses XMLTV/GZIP. Anywhere in the world!

Why Use EPG Ready?

Our service is one of the most accurate Electronic programming guides (EPGs) for almost all TV channels worldwide. We offer program data from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America and we continuously add new countries upon request.

Our users currently use Stalker Middleware (Minstra), Telebreeze, Xtream-Codes, XC-UI, ZapX, Magoware, 1-Stream & IPTV Panel. This includes  IPTV operators/providers and end-client users.

TV Guide Listings

You can view/use our Electronic programming guides (EPGs) in our ready to go online TV Guides services to see what’s airing today!

Pick Your Channels

Choose from 133 countries and ~8,000+ channels, to customize your EPG and avoid cluttered lists! Then simply enter your unique link it into your IPTV client to start viewing immediately.

Constant Entertainment

With our EPGs you’ll never have an empty program list. We automatically update our user’s EPGs daily, providing detailed program information for the next 7-days!

EPG Personal

Anyone can enjoy our EPGs for their own private use. We’ll support your IPTV client, so you receive a tailored EPGs without complications.

EPG Business

Hotels and business around the world use our Electronic programming guides (EPGs), so they have reliable access to the TV channels they want. We can customize our EPGs to meet your branding, merge XMLTV and more!

IPTV App Tutorials

Follow our step-by-step IPTV Apps tutorials on how to load and populate our EPG across multiple devices and platforms.

We currently have EPG data for ~8,000+ channels and growing. We continuously add more upon request.

Our EPG provides access to 133 countries from around the world. It’s constantly updated with 7 days of EPG data for each country.

Over 200+ people and businesses use our EPG daily!

The Best EPGs Service Provider

EPG Ready is the future of IPTV viewing. Frustrating loading times, cluttered lists and missing program information are a thing of the past for our rapidly growing user base.

EPG Ready makes it simple. Pick the channels you want, enjoy the detailed and organized program guide, and sit back to enjoy your favourite channels!

EPG Ready will reliably bring you the information you want on any device, including any dedicated IPTV device, IPTV client, Computer, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, TiViMate, IPTV Smarters, M3U Playlist, Perfect Player, Kodi or an Enigma 2.

EPG Ready is ready-to-use in minutes and works with any IPTV panel or app that utilizes an XMLTV/GZIP format.